2013-07-17 08:12 am
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Poemblog 07/16/13 - God's Covering for Her Dumbass Brother Cletus

This week's short NSFW poemblog is "God's Covering for Her Dumbass Brother Cletus", the actual truth behind the Gnostic tradition! Involving Texas. And Bluegrass.

Poem text - beware blasphemy! )
2013-07-09 07:19 am
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Poemblog 07/09/13 - Howie the Not-So-Horny Hentai Monster

This week's short poemblog is "Howie the Not-So-Horny Hentai Monster", the tale of a poor tentacle monster who's working hard for the money. Player below (direct link).

2013-07-02 09:23 am
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Poemblog 07/02/13 - Minority Report Revisited

This week's short poemblog is "Minority Report Revisited", a short witty poetry-type thing with music. Player below (direct link).

I'm trying this out as a test - I'll try to make them weekly.
2012-12-08 01:02 pm

Rare National Writers Union Interview from 2008

Back in 2008 when I was still a member of the National Writer's Union (NWU), they gathered several of us authors in a locally produced documentary to discuss our First Books - how they were made, who published them, and what we learned from the experience.

I just found that this documentary was uploaded in March 2012. It's about half an hour and my portion of the interview is scattered throughout, from the beginning to the end.

Video source - watch it on blip.
Direct download (316 MB)
2012-09-12 08:31 am

I Host Interview With Anthony Sunderland on Roundtable Podcast

In Part 2 of my interview on Roundtable Podcast, I help interview author Anthony Sunderland with regards to his latest Buffy-and-X-Files-inspired series, along with Roundtable hosts David Robison and Doc Coleman.
Have a listen!
2012-09-07 09:22 am

Interview with Dave Robison of Roundtable Podcast

Dave Robison of Roundtable Podcast has posted part 1 of a fantastic interview we did a few weeks ago. It's about half an hour and we talk about writer's craft, Supervillainz, writing for print vs. spoken word, and the need to create heroes for minorities.

2012-07-01 11:29 pm

Mike's Egg Roll

I swear I saw a place like this in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Hey, ev'rybody!

People come to me and say, where can I get some good American food that ain't pizza, burgers or cheese fries? I got it right here! Why don't you head on down to Mike's Egg Roll, and we'll feed you up nice, like Uncle Sam intended!

We got specialties like:
- Ravioli soup!
- Cream cheese crab cakes!
- Egg burritos!
- Do it yourself egg burritos!
- Lollipop chicken! It's on a stick, y'know. It's sweet and then its sour.
- Sweet glazed beef - comes with broccoli but hey, I can leave it off.
It's all American, baby! And end your dinner with one of Miss Cleo's Prediction Cookies. What does the future hold for you? Great eating, that's what! At Mike's Egg Roll! I wouldn't be charging this much for fried crap unless it tasted this good!
2012-06-01 10:07 am


2012-04-14 01:04 pm

Interview with Fullcast Podcast!

Bryan Lincoln and Abigail Hilton of Fullcast Podcast interview Neil Marsh and me about the technical ins-and-outs of producing The Mask of Inanna, in this two-part podcast.

Part one is here. - Direct download

Bryan and Abbie are terrific interviewers. We also discuss the show's conception and our adventures in actor-wrangling. Check out their other episodes as well!
2012-04-06 10:34 am

Arlene Radasky Interviews Me About The Mask of Inanna

Arlene Radasky, author of The Fox, interviews me about The Mask of Inanna on the Raise a Racket podcast.
It was a fun interview - enjoy!
2012-02-22 09:37 am

My Show "The Mask of Inanna" is on Podiobooks.com!

The Post-Meridian Radio Players and I are proud to announce the complete set of our show "The Mask of Inanna" is now available on the popular book site, podiobooks.com!

Listen to, add comments and generally "like" the show here:

Thanks to everyone for their huge amount of work and support for getting this out, especially our core cast of the tremendous Andy Lebrun, the impeccable Nellie Farrington, the seething Doug Miller, the stalwart Katherine Bryant and the terrifyingly sympathetic James Scheffler.
2012-01-29 02:48 pm

Learning to Write Again

I haven't been doing a lot of writing recently. Aside from numerous script re-writes (for example, about 1/4 of the final episode was a complete re-write), I barely did any writing last year. (And the only writing I'd done the year before that was one story and two stage shows.) Sure, I've been bits like that "Good Conservative Fucks" piece for the anthology reading, but overall, I just haven't been into the craft as much as I used to be. (If you're wondering why, let's just say the complexity of my audio shows nearly doubled compared with my first season.)

I've been spending the past two weeks slowly getting into the pattern of writing again for the next stage show, "Casino of Robots". It hasn't been easy because there's a definite tone and schedule my life needs to take to make an environment save and inspiring for writing. There's a level of energy which needs a good space prepared for it, and to reassure it that there won't be any interruptions and that the material will be worth the time spent on it. Until today, I had honestly forgotten what that space felt like.

It's lying on the futon with your feet spread over the mattress, turned away from the tv. It's soaking in the quiet ambiance of the room with the memory of a good magazine article or book bit you just read. It's mentally setting the stage for a little scene, being excited for where it's taking you, and then diving in. It always takes some time for the scene to start but if it's going to a good place, you can really chew through it. Honestly, it is draining by the time you reach the end, but it's a good feeling of accomplishment.

That feeling of dipping your toe in the pool and learning to swim slowly is necessary before you dive whole-hog into the deep end. And I'm re-learning it, slowly. I can tell the parts I've done so far which will need significant work, which are downright scary and may be too much for the audience and which they'll enjoy. This current piece wants to be a lot darker tone than the audience will want so I have to figure out how to strike a balance. I ain't ready yet to tackle it in full, but I'm figuring it out again. The draft is about 1/2 written, entirely plotted with a lot of vignettes already done with the scenes to come.

I can feel that by next week, my life will be back in a pattern that I used to have all the time when I was writing books and the MoI script. It'll be good to go back to that for a while. Next weekend.
2012-01-08 12:37 pm

Apocalyptic PMRP Series "The Mask of Inanna" Ends in Two Hour Extravaganza!

This is it! The big one! The holey moley! The Mask of Inanna audio drama ends in a fiery earth-shattering showdown between Leonard Allen and David Lewis in the two hour+ spectacular finale, "Apocalypse"!

A show this big could not be contained in a single audio file, so PMRP is proud to present Season 2, episode 4, in two parts!

Part 1 - Size: ~53 MB \ Running Time: 00:58:17:

Part 2: Size: ~74 MB \ Running Time: 01:20:35

This episode's "After Dark" is "The Golden Rescue of Sinbad" - a tale of adventure and horror on the high seas!

The finale features Boston-area actors Andrew Lebrun, Nellie Farrington, James Scheffler. Doug Miller, Katherine Bryant, Brad Smith, Leslie Drescher, Stephen Bagg, Jr., Andy Hicks, John C.F. Hodges, Jacob Sommer, Mindy Klenoff, Michael McAfee and Heidi Clark.

The production also features the 100th episode of Allen's radio series "After Dark" : "The Golden Rescue of Sinbad", starring John Deschene, Tom Russell, Rob Noyes, Renée Johnson, Jess Viator, Bernie Hutchens, Michael McAfee, Andy Hicks, Neil Marsh and Jenny Gutbezahl.

PART 1 - WEBSITE: http://is.gd/VJlney
PART 2 - WEBSITE: http://is.gd/gjxNRF
PODCAST FEED: http://www.themaskofinanna.com/?feed=podcast
2012-01-07 07:50 pm

.... It is done.

Guess what massive four year project I finished today.

I'd celebrate but I am burnt and exhausted. Official announcement tomorrow.

Final mp3s are uploaded. Links are currently on the site, in a kind-of out-of-the-way place. official links go up tomorrow.

Feels like I spent the last four years raking leaves and now the yard looks pretty good. Not great, not perfect, but good enough for guests.
2011-10-15 06:19 pm

The Mask of Inanna - Podcast - Season 2 Episode 3 Released!

The Post-Meridian Players and I proudly present our spooky Halloween episode of The Mask of Inanna, Season 2, Episode 3, The Black Velvet Ribbon, in which Bob Stroud returns, baby!

This episode's "After Dark" is "The Shivers on Highway 61" - a ghost story of bikers hunted by the ghost of one of their own!

WEBSITE: http://is.gd/JZJKPk
PODCAST FEED: http://www.themaskofinanna.com/?feed=podcast
2011-09-18 02:53 pm

Front Page Blurb of "Mask of Inanna" Site Thanks to Bea!

Many thanks to Bea for her l33t writing skills, which created the front page blurb of my audio drama, The Mask of Inanna! I heartily endorse her events and products.
2011-08-12 04:17 pm

The Mask of Inanna - Podcast - Season 2 Episode 2 Released!

The Post-Meridian Players proudly present The Mask of Inanna, Season 2, Episode 2, Smoking Monkey, in which Leonard Allen quits the show - and invokes the wrath of the islanders.

WEBSITE: http://is.gd/VV8KrN
PODCAST FEED: http://www.themaskofinanna.com/?feed=podcast
DIRECT DOWNLOAD: http://www.themaskofinanna.com/podpress_trac/web/500/0/PMRP-MaskOfInanna-Ep2.02_SmokingMonkey.mp3

We also include a plug for Unreliable Narrator's fantastic soundtrack to their cyberpunk musical 2010: Our Hideous Future.
2011-06-15 01:07 pm

Trans and GenderQueer Porn Anthology is A-Coming in October

It's a book, you know! An anthology, even.

Do you need more transgender and genderqueer porn? YES YOU DO - STOP DENYING IT! I can tell you want more by that look on your face.

Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica, a.k.a. The Big Book of Wet Sloppy Bed-Wrecking, Lube-Spraying, Crotch-Bouncing Trans and Genderqueer Hot Thrusting In All Nine Thousand and Twelve Positions and Then Riding A Vespa Into The Sunset While Smoking Belladonna With The World Burning Behind You Kind Of Sex.... is an anthology that Tristan Taormino is releasing in early October (published by Cleis Press).

It contains that smut story you always wanted to read. You know the one. Oh yeah - that one. With the thing that that one person does in the special place... yeah. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you wanted it. Heck, I probably wrote it. I got a story in there, and so did Rachel Zall, Toni Amato, Kate Bornstein, Patrick Califia, and oh god why are you making me type all this out just go to this post and see everybody who's in it!

Hey look! It's an Amazon.com link where you can pre-order this to-be-permanent fixture to your nightstand for $10.17! Damn, the internet has everything, doesn't it?

As an added bonus, if you send me some kind of mailing address, I'll send you a piece of paper with my very own signature, that you can use to pretend I signed your copy! Thrill your friends! Get your enemies all hot and jealous of you! Haters gonna hate but after that, they're gonna feel the love when they wank off to the hot hot genderqueer porn that you got and wish they had a copy of their own.

So, in conclusion, you know you want to pre-order this sucker! Especially for my story! It's got real-ass broken folks, Persona 4 references and a snake dildo named Miss Cobra that goes right up somebody's butt! Several times! It's the gift that keeps on giving, and you can blog about it later like it's art or something.

Get it!
2011-06-12 03:29 pm

The Mask of Inanna - Podcast - Season 2 Episode 1 Released!

The Post-Meridian Players proudly present The Mask of Inanna, Season 2, Episode 1, Glory Days, in which Leonard Allen's longtime girlfriend Gwen returns... and the Prayer is revealed to be a Very Bad Thing.

This episode’s After Dark tale is “The Never People” in which eternal loser Cordy McMurray catches a lucky break when he applies for a loan from a mysterious bank!

WEBSITE: http://is.gd/9kYW57
PODCAST FEED: http://www.themaskofinanna.com/?feed=podcast
DIRECT DOWNLOAD: http://www.themaskofinanna.com/podpress_trac/web/472/0/PMRP-MaskOfInanna-Ep2.01_GloryDays.mp3