I highly recommend beyondbliss's article "Is Trans 101 really too advanced for most people?" as a nice addition to the Trans 101 curriculum:

Last month, I was on a planning team for an LGBTQ worship service at the Unitarian Society in Northampton. The service had a strong educational component, like a workshop from the pulpit. I raised a trans-related issue I wanted to cover and another person responded with something I hear often from lesbians and gay men when I talk about basic “trans 101” topics: “That’s 401! They’re not ready for that.”
Transgender, it would seem, is by definition a “401” topic-just too advanced for most people to understand.

Except its not, as explained in the article.

Second, I highly recommend Hector: Badge of Courage for PC, Mac and iPhone (Steam). (Trailer here.)
This is simply the funniest game that Telltale Games has ever published (they're just distributing it) - and I've played their Strong Bad, Sam and Max, Monkey Island and Back to the Future games. This is Life on Mars the adventure game in which you play a slightly less-moral Gene Hunt. It harkens back to the LucasArts adventures of the early 90's, when 2D cartoon animation could go wild in ways that today's 3D animation can't. Almost every line in a laugh. I can't recommend it enough.
The Mask of Inanna - by Alicia E. Goranson

The Mask of Inanna is a finalist for the Best Horror Audio Drama of 2010, as part of the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards, as selected by 19 Nocturne Boulevard.

The Post-Meridian Players and I proudly present The Mask of Inanna, Episode 5, "The Mask of Inanna"! In this episode, the Speed Bump starts to destroy everything and Jacob Sommer and Michael Simon join the cast to finally reveal the answers to all the mysteries of "After Dark"!

This finishes our first season of the show. The next few months will be spent in massive recording sessions to keep Season 2 on track. I'm planning the next episode for June 12th, 2011.

~68 MB, Length: 1:13:57

WEBSITE: http://goo.gl/7PZtR
FEED: http://www.themaskofinanna.com/?feed=podcast

This includes a special message from James Scheffler.

No program better marries the legacy of old time radio with the potential of modern audio drama. I daresay it’s a little unlike anything you have heard before.
-Fred Greenhalgh, FinalRune Productions and Radio Drama Revival

The Mask of Inanna is a fascinating hybrid of a modern story with mystic overtones (reminiscent of Twin Peaks or the more fantastical tales of Stephen King), coupled with a beautifully-done “show within a show” pastiche of classic old time radio.
-Julie Hoverson, 19 Nocturne Boulevard
Doctor Who and the Starship of Madness

Arisia 2011
Friday January 14, 2011 @ 10-11 PM
Grand Ballroom AB

Hey guys! I got a new show that I wrote and directed! And PMRP is doing it for your love :)

Suffering Shoggoths! The Roaring Twenties have just begun! Flappers! Gin joints! Deep Ones? A newly-regenerated Doctor joins forces with a struggling, nightmare-plagued journalist by the name of Lovecraft to investigate attacks in Boston by monstrous creatures. Who is the eccentric Professor Whiteman who appears to be behind it all? What is the secret of the Professor’s amazing chair that can seemingly cure the insane? What truly goes on inside the Miskatonic Gentlemen’s Club? What will happen to the world, and every living being on it, when C’thulhu rises?

The cast includes:
Andy Hicks as The Doctor
Alyssa Osiecki as Violet Brooks
Andy Lebrun as H. P. Lovecraft
and Special Guest Star Ron Lacy as Nyar la'Hotep
Tom Champion, Mindy Klenoff, Michael McAfee & Brad Smith
Written & Directed by Alicia E. Goranson
Produced by Neil Marsh

The Post-Meridian Players proudly present The Mask of Inanna Episode 4, The Rescuers, in which Leonard Allen is rescued from certain danger, twice – in 1950′s Hollywood and again in 2008, on the island.

This episode’s spectacular After Dark tale is “I Was A Communist for the CIA” in which agent Mike Svelte saves us all from the horrors of Godless Communism in Sarah Palin's backyard - Alaska! Featuring John Deschene, Kamela Dolinova, Neal Leaheey, Brian Edgar and Somerville's own Tom Champion!

And a special thanks to Jacob Sommer for recording the "additional voices" used in this episode!

Note that this is the second part of a two-parter episode. If you haven't listened to Episode 3 first, please do so!

WEBSITE: http://goo.gl/Hbaaf
PODCAST FEED: http://www.themaskofinanna.com/?feed=podcast
DIRECT DOWNLOAD: http://www.themaskofinanna.com/podpress_trac/web/389/0/PMRP-MaskOfInanna-Ep1.04_Rescuers.mp3
Fred Greenhalgh has featured PMRP's own epic audio drama The Mask of Inanna on his Radio Drama Revival show, available as a podcast and played weekly on Portland, Maine's community radio station WMPG, 90.9/104.1 FM. Even better, we are the feature on Episodes 199 and 200 of his show!

Episode 199:

Episode 200:

As well, Fred interviewed Neil Marsh and myself last week, and this interview will be released in an upcoming episode of his show. Thanks Fred!

You can check out the Radio Drama Revival podcast here.
Sometimes I write for free. Most of the time anyway. For The Post-Meridian Radio Player's Halloween show, The Big Broadcast of 1946, I wrote the play The Sirens of War.

Show details here.

Anyway, for promotion of the show, I wrote up a couple stories for The Daily Advertiser - a faux-newspaper given out during the show. I wrote one piece for each of the Tomes of Terror plays they will perform - But Oh, What Happened to Hutchings! and The Sirens of War.

Read the terror of The Caped Cod and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Monsters (SPAM) here!
I've only played Fallout: New Vegas for an hour or so. Feel free to add more to this list.

[Tune to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas.]

On my first play of Fallout, New Vegas gave to me, a bighorn floating in a tree.
On my second play of Fallout, New Vegas gave to me, two frames per second while a bighorn floated in a tree.
On my third play of Fallout, New Vegas gave to me, three blank ground textures, two frames per second while a bighorn floated in a tree.
On my fourth play of Fallout, New Vegas gave to me, four invisible guards, three blank ground textures, two frames per second while a bighorn floated in a tree.
On my fifth play of Fallout, New Vegas gave to me, fi-ive lo-ost saves! Four invisible guards, three blank ground textures, two frames per second while a bighorn floated in a tree.
In the restaurant, Neil is telling Carl that there's a podcast he should hear, which shares a lot of the actors from the 2010 show that Carl wrote and directed. Carl nods and says, "Well, yeah..." He's overstimulated after the Honk parade march from Davis Square to Harvard Square. We all are. We're also shaken in ways that we don't get in front of the computer. We've just have to opportunity to be dancing, smiling idiots to thousands of cheering parade watchers. This is unheard of. It goes against every creative fiber in our being that says we will never be good enough.

Andy has been in his Mayor of Boston character the whole march but now that it's over, the reality of his close relative in the hospital is sinking in. He stares at the drinks menu and responds to Emma's jokes on autopilot. Rob is still wearing the hideous red sweater of his Byfar character, and is nodding slowly to Neil. He's worried about his script for the upcoming show - always in flux until the last minute. There's always something that needs changing and he's the only one who can do it.

We start singing our of Andy's songs from 2010. He stares at his plate and mouths some of the words. Emma asks him if it's weird to hear a table full of people start singing something he composed and well, yeah. It is. Lisa asks him and Carl when they'll start working on the next show. Next month. That's totally when it'll happen.

Lisa says she wants to work on a Nanowrimo book but she doesn't think her writing is very good. Emma tells her flat out that she's falling prey to that old shame spiral that's branded on every woman when they're born. You're never good enough. Be quiet and apologize for your work while the boys pound their chests and tell the world how incredible their little works are. She should write and be unapologetic for it.

We all need someone like Emma. Neil wants to hear that every part of his Halloween show is gold, symphonic perfection. Rob wants to hear that he's as funny as the best of the intimate, personable comedians. Carl wants to hear that he's created the next Avenue Q. Andy wants to shrug off the doubts and emotional baggage around his songs which everyone else seem to be oblivious of. And I want Carl and everyone to listen to my show as if it wasn't made by someone they knew and featured people they know in it.
We all need support and affection. We need to be told and retold until we are old. But we're not going to hear it from each other, the artists who lead our projects, no matter how much we wish we could.

The Post-Meridian Players proudly present The Mask of Inanna Episode 3, They Only Want Crask, in which we follow Leonard Allen’s fantastic adventures in 1950′s Hollywood after leaving “After Dark”, while in the present day, the contractors arrive to repair the lighthouse.

PODCAST FEED: Available here
It came from 80's indie comic scene! Thrill as Dr. Brewster Jones forms an unnatural bond with a codfish in order to save the Atlantic Ocean from Toxic Poop! A story for our time! And you won't believe who funded it! It's....
The Cape and The Cod Indie Comic
The horror! The... hand-drawn lettering! The inside jokes only a Cape Cod native can explain! THE HORROR MUST BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED!
Congrats to Lediva and the Unreliable Narrator team for their opening of their cyberpunk musical 2010: Our Hideous Future! The beats are funky and the atmosphere is so lovingly Bad 80's Cyberdystopia, I expected Crow, Tom and Joel to pop up in the front row!

Watch as our hero, Kate, and her blue-haired girlfriend hide out from the cheddarific 80's cyberterminators with a bunch of longshoremen from Maine. And sing.

Keep up the awesome work, guys!
The Post-Meridian Players Present "The Mask of Inanna" Episode 2 by Alicia E. Goranson

The Post-Meridian Players proudly present The Mask of Inanna Episode 2, Anything You Want, in which the island's guardians are revealed, and Leonard Allen makes a most peculiar deal for his life.

PODCAST FEED: Available here
So, every once in a while, I wonder about how George Lucas would recreate Star Wars if he could do it all over again, I think I've figured it out. Part 1 of a series.

Star Wars 1: Flinkie Flip-Floop and the Warbledowns - Part 1
Captain Yip-Yip and his Tormulent friend Pit-Poot were racing through the Star-Bang Galaxy in their Bumpletime Ship. They had to get their cargo of Crombo Beans to the peoples of Corkopahtz by Borpo-Time or they would be very cross. But then the Dadgums in their Platinum Rockets swooped in with their Burn-Burn Zaps, while trying to get the Crombo Beans. Again and again they fired their Staghorn Burnbeams while a fleet of Pinklecraft buzzed around the Bumpletime to catch the Crombo Beans after the ship blew up.
Yip-Yip ordered Pit-Poot to call for the Skuliff Guardian Ranger Squad on his Morse-Talk radio. "Yip-Yip! Yiff-Yiff!" said Pit-Poot, who never made any sense. "Plushie-flush yerf-yizz!" But the Skuliff Squad would not arrive in time. In desperation, Yip-Yip executed the Gamma Rex Tribuff manuever, swerving the Bumpletime into a cluster of Dumplenukes, which blew out the engine and sent the ship careening into the planet Bort. Pit-Poot was so scared, he scarfed down a pawful of Crombo Beans, and then blew himself into the ceiling with an enormous fart. Then he wet himself!
Yip-Yip kicked open the ship's hatch and watched the Dadgum's Deathskull Bloodchompers streak into the jungle around him. He hid under a Barzopola leaf. But it was too small! And the next one was too big! It had room for Pit-Poot, who went, "Muck-sluck slobby-tenties!" and gave away their position!
But suddenly a Mecha-Chord sounded, and a squad of Dazzle-Dog Pogo-Hoppers burst from the ground all around them! The Bloodchompers squealed in fear as the Pogo-Hoppers chased after them, slipping on wet grass, shaking their heads and then going after the horrid Dadgums again! One Dazzle-Dog leaned over Yip-Yip's leaf and beckoned. "Get in!" the stranger in the Dazzle-Dog said. "We won't be able to rout them for long!"
Yip-Yip and Pit-Poot dashed inside as the stranger's words came true. The Black Eye-Stabbers, the worst of the Dadgums, leapt into the frenzy, cracking their Whip-Nasties and tearing apart the Pogo-Hoppers! Then the biggest, baddest Black Eye-Stabber who had had the worst childhood of all, in which his mother refused to put sugar in his porridge and forbid him to stay up past 8 on weeknights, slashed through three trees and burned them to kindling with his sparkie-boots. "I, Dark Badhammer," he said, "Will take your Crombo Beans yet!"

To be continued.
The Post-Meridian Players Present "The Mask of Inanna" by Alicia E. Goranson

So, I spent the last two years writing a twelve ten-part radio drama series called "The Mask of Inanna", inspired from a proposal by Neil Marsh. I've spent the last few months wrangling members from The Post-Meridian Players together to record this monstrosity, and we finally have Episode 1 ready for your perusal - go to:

In the early 1950s, Leonard Allen was the producer and host of After Dark, a very popular, independently-produced suspense-horror radio show. His on-air persona, Dr. Damien Crask, was practically a household name. But when his best friend and business partner, Robert Stroud, stole the scripts and decamped for Hollywood to produce his own show, After Dark lost its biggest sponsor and Allen, feeling betrayed, gave up. After Dark died, unfinished.

Fifty years later, Allen is dying in a state-run nursing home, when he is approached by the mysterious David Lewis, a smooth-talking businessman who gives him a strange offer: the role of caretaker and tour guide for an historic lighthouse off the New England coast. Allen is unable to resist the lure of a mystery and, when invigorated by a sudden and unexplained improvement in his health, he accepts the job.

But for Allen, settling into his new home, overlooking the stormy sea below, it all seems too perfect. Just who are the people of Sea Robin Island and why do so many of them seem familiar? Why go through so much effort to get one, very specific, old man for such a mundane job? Why does a very useful, technically-minded teenage girl show up on his doorstep just before he discovers a disused radio transmission facility behind a door locked from the inside? And why is it so important for Dr. Damien Crask to return to the airwaves long after America has left the Golden Age of Radio behind?

Leonard Allen is determined to get answers, but shortly after he discovers the bizarre truth, he learns that the plan is destined to go horribly, horribly wrong. Sea Robin Island will become a wasteland and face demons far greater than any mortal enemy if something isn’t done. But how can one old man and one rebellious teenage girl prevent the ongoing wave of destruction?

TWITTER FEED: twitter.com/maskofinanna
PODCAST FEED: Available here
Congratulations to my sister Carol, who was married to her long-time partner Todd last Monday... and didn't tell anyone in my family until last Tuesday.
Yeah. You see why I hang out with my family so often.