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I haven't been doing a lot of writing recently. Aside from numerous script re-writes (for example, about 1/4 of the final episode was a complete re-write), I barely did any writing last year. (And the only writing I'd done the year before that was one story and two stage shows.) Sure, I've been bits like that "Good Conservative Fucks" piece for the anthology reading, but overall, I just haven't been into the craft as much as I used to be. (If you're wondering why, let's just say the complexity of my audio shows nearly doubled compared with my first season.)

I've been spending the past two weeks slowly getting into the pattern of writing again for the next stage show, "Casino of Robots". It hasn't been easy because there's a definite tone and schedule my life needs to take to make an environment save and inspiring for writing. There's a level of energy which needs a good space prepared for it, and to reassure it that there won't be any interruptions and that the material will be worth the time spent on it. Until today, I had honestly forgotten what that space felt like.

It's lying on the futon with your feet spread over the mattress, turned away from the tv. It's soaking in the quiet ambiance of the room with the memory of a good magazine article or book bit you just read. It's mentally setting the stage for a little scene, being excited for where it's taking you, and then diving in. It always takes some time for the scene to start but if it's going to a good place, you can really chew through it. Honestly, it is draining by the time you reach the end, but it's a good feeling of accomplishment.

That feeling of dipping your toe in the pool and learning to swim slowly is necessary before you dive whole-hog into the deep end. And I'm re-learning it, slowly. I can tell the parts I've done so far which will need significant work, which are downright scary and may be too much for the audience and which they'll enjoy. This current piece wants to be a lot darker tone than the audience will want so I have to figure out how to strike a balance. I ain't ready yet to tackle it in full, but I'm figuring it out again. The draft is about 1/2 written, entirely plotted with a lot of vignettes already done with the scenes to come.

I can feel that by next week, my life will be back in a pattern that I used to have all the time when I was writing books and the MoI script. It'll be good to go back to that for a while. Next weekend.

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